Electric boat breaks new speed record at 109 mph with Vision Marine’s new outboard motor

An electric boat has achieved a top speed of over 100 mph for the first time. In a showcase of its latest electric outboard motor, Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ: VMAR) has achieved a new speed record of 109 mph on the water.

Vision Marine is primarily known for building, selling, and renting electric boats, but it is also currently developing the most powerful outboard electric powertrain that will be able to fit most boats made for outboard motors.

The company partnered with Hellkat Powerboats to fit its E-Motion™ electric outboard powertrain in a 32′ catamaran hull specifically designed to accommodate the necessary battery banks.

Vision Marine brought the new electric speed boat to the Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout last weekend to try to beat its own speed record for electric boats and become the first electric boat to achieve a speed of 100 mph.

The company exceeded its goal — the electric boat reached a record top speed 109 mph:

Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ: VMAR) (“Vision Marine” or the “Company”), the global leader in the electric recreational marine propulsion industry serving OEMs, is proud to announce an historic milestone in the boating industry by shattering the 100 MPH speed barrier on an electric watercraft. The event, in it’s 34th year, catered to a plethora of onsite and online video streaming viewers.

Here’s a video of the record run:

Xavier Montagne, Vision Marine’s CTO and COO, commented on the achievement:

The results we observed from this weekend’s race are only the tip of the iceberg. This accomplishment is the fruit of many years of close technical collaboration with our European and American partners. We worked hard on optimizing the electric motors, the 700V batteries, the cooling circuitry, and the hardware and software integration, all of which are quintessential to our success as a leader in the electric marine propulsion industry.

While this particular boat was a one-off for the purpose of racing, Vision is currently in the process of commercializing its outboard electric powertrain for boats. It currently has a partnership with boating giant Groupe Beneteau, and their first collaboration will be “the launch of the world’s first fully electric powerboat, the sporty and elegant 22″ Four Winns H2 OB runabout.”

More is expected to follow as Vision ramps up production of its outboard electric motors and batteries so that they can be implemented in more boats.

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