Tesla Model X fleet offering free rides to FIU students

Florida International University (FIU) students are riding in style, and for free too. As noted by the university in a recent post on its official website, FIU has partnered with transport company Freebee to provide its students with free rides in a Tesla Model X. 

Under the FIU and Freebee’s partnership, students would be able to take no-cost short-distance runs to and from MMC. The rides should help students who do not own vehicles, or at least those who wish to use their gas-guzzling cars less frequently. With the service in place, students could go grocery shopping, visit friends, or get back to the main campus very easily. 

The free Model X rides represent an improvement for FIU students. The university had previously provided a similar service, but it involved the use of open-air shuttles. The open-air shuttles did the job, but they also resulted in the students being exposed to unpredictable weather. With the Tesla Model X fleet, the students are better shielded from the weather.

Freebee would be operating a fleet of six Tesla Model Xs to serve FIU’s students. An image of some of the Model X used by the service shared by FIU suggests that the flagship all-electric crossovers were pre-refresh variants. 

Tom Hartley, assistant vice president of Parking & Transportation at FIU, expressed his appreciation of the program. “The Tesla Freebee rides are great for our students. Not everybody has a car, and car ownership is expensive, especially in Miami. It is critical for us to help provide a community where you can live and work and not have to have a car,” Hartley said. 

The FIU’s free Model X rides are among the latest efforts that the university has adopted to promote clean transportation. The FIU Parking & Transportation team currently plans to replace some of its existing bus fleet with newer, greener vehicles. The university also installed a total of 16 electric vehicle charging stations available for the nominal fee of $1 per hour, as well as 11 cost-free tire inflation stations. 

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Tesla Model X fleet offering free rides to FIU students

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