Elon Musk holds all-hands meeting, executives depart Twitter, & Twitter usage continues to rise

Update: Robin Wheeler confirmed that she is still working for Twitter. 

Twitter CEO Elon Musk held an all-hands meeting on Thursday, and following that, there have been reports of several executives departing the company as Twitter’s usage continues to grow.

Zoë Schiffer, the managing editor of Platformer, said that multiple sources claimed that Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, was leaving.

Shiffer added that  Elon Musk told employees if they cannot physically make it to an office and they don’t show up, “resignation accepted.” In an email to Twitter employees before the meeting, Elon Musk said,

“We are also changing Twitter policy such that remote work is no longer allowed unless you have a specific exception. Managers will send the exception lists to me for review and approval.”

“Starting tomorrow (Thursday), everyone is required to be in the office for a minimum of 40 hours per week. Obviously, if you are physically unable to travel to an office or have a critical personal obligation, then your absence is understandable.”

In addition to Roth’s departure, Schiffer noted that Elon Musk said that he wasn’t sure how much run rate Twitter has and that “bankruptcy isn’t out of the question.”

Schiffer also added that in a message on Slack, Twitter’s legal team said that Twitter’s Chief Information Security Officer, Lea Kissner, Chief Privacy Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer resigned last night. In a tweet posting on Thursday morning, Kissner announced her departure.

Sources have also said that the company’s client solutions leader, Robin Wheeler, is also leaving the company. Wheeler debunked those claims stating on Twitter, “I’m still here.”  On Wednesday, Wheeler hosted the Twitter Space Q&A with Elon Musk on advertising and Twitter’s future. Twitter’s chief privacy officer Damien Kieran, and chief compliance officer, Marianne Fogarty, were also reported to have left Twitter.

The Federal Trade Commission said it was “tracking the developments at Twitter with deep concern,” and that it was prepared to take action to ensure Twitter complies with a consent order. The consent order requires the platform to comply with certain privacy and security requirements due to allegations of past data misuse that took place before Elon Musk took over.

Douglas Farrar, the agency’s director of public affairs, told The Washington Post,

“No CEO or company is above the law, and companies must follow our consent decrees. Our revised consent order gives us new tools to ensure compliance, and we are prepared to use them.”

On Wednesday, Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter may make a lot of mistakes in the coming months. “We will keep what works & change what doesn’t,” he said.  However, his acquisition of the company has brought more attention to it in the form of users. On Thursday, Elon Musk said the usage of the platform continues to rise.

Despite reports claiming that users are leaving Twitter en masse since Elon Musk took over, the platform’s records show another story, including its monetizable daily user (mDAU) growth of over 20% since his takeover.


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Elon Musk holds all-hands meeting, executives depart Twitter, & Twitter usage continues to rise

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