Redwood Materials & Audi launch consumer battery recycling program for household electronics

Redwood Materials is teaming up with Audi to make it easier for consumers to recycle household devices that have a lithium-ion battery.

In September, Redwood launched its Consumer Recycling Program and asked consumers to recycle the devices in their homes. Some of these devices range from electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, robot vacuums, and rechargeable TV remotes.

Redwood noted that it can recover over 95% of materials such as nickel, cobalt, copper, lithium aluminum, and graphite from a lithium-ion battery and return them directly to the supply chain to make batteries for EVs and energy storage devices.

On Friday, the battery recycling company, founded by former Tesla co-founder J.B. Straubel, announced it will deploy recycling bins at select Audi dealerships across the nation over the next few weeks. Batteries and devices collected by the bens will be sent to Redwood.

Redwood noted that this is the first time an automaker partnered with it to support the collection of household lithium-ion batteries alongside its larger EV battery recycling efforts.

 “With global demand for lithium-ion batteries expected to grow by more than 500% in the next decade, every effort to increase materials available for battery production is paramount. It’s a win-win to drive these collection efforts to increase supply and sustainability of EVs,” the company said in a press release.

“Redwood is grateful to launch this unique partnership with Audi, which brings us closer to closing the loop on lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and consumer devices. Together, we can decrease our reliance on mining, increase domestic manufacturing, lower the costs of EVs and increase the sustainability of all products.”

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