Tesla to raise FSD Beta price up to $15k by September 5

 Elon Musk announced a price increase for FSD Beta once Tesla starts 10.69’s wide release. Tesla expects the long-anticipated update to introduce significant improvements to FSD.

Tesla started its initial release of FSD Beta v.10.69 over the weekend, and testers are already starting to share their insights on the update. It might have even solved Chuck’s Left Turn. After FSD Beta v.10.69 rolled out, Elon Musk announced that the price of Tesla FSD would increase to $15,000 in North America on September 5. The prices of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability in each North American location are listed below. 

  • $12,000 in the United States
  • $12,800 in Canada
  • $177,200 in Mexico
  • $10,000 in Puerto Rico

Based on Musk’s comments, Tesla plans to raise FSD’s price by about $3,000 after the wide release of update 10.69. The EV manufacturer is releasing v10.69 with extra caution. Last week, Musk noted that there were “many major code changes” in the update, which is the reason Tesla is rolling out FSD Beta 10.69 in phases. 

Tesla’s FSD Beta v.10.69 Rollout Strategy

Tesla plans to release v10.69 in the next several weeks. Over the weekend, Tesla released the update to around 1,000 Beta testers. Tesla will take note of all the feedback it receives in the initial release to the small pool of testers. Then next week, the company plans to release 10.69.1 to about 10,000 more customers. By week number three, Tesla expects to release 10.69.2 to the rest of the FSD Beta testers. 

For customers in North America who want to get a taste of FSD but aren’t quite ready to jump all in yet, Tesla also brought back Enhanced Autopilot. The prices for Enhanced Autopilot are listed below. 

  • $6,000 in the United States
  • $6,400 in Canada
  • $88,600 in Mexico
  • $5,000 in Puerto Rico

Watch 35 minutes of Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 on the road below!

Are you one of the lucky 1,000 who got to test out v.10.69 early? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the update. Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

Tesla plans to raise FSD Beta’s price to $15k once update 10.69 fully rolls out

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